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Since local businesses appear at the top of search engine results, over 65% of people will immediately look for that business’s reviews to determine if the company can offer them quality and reliable service. Reviews also affect Google 3-Pack (Google Maps) and PPC campaigns. We help you generate more positive reviews and feedback so potential customers see your business in search results and have confidence in the services you provide.

More positive reviews = more people see your business, which means higher ROI.

We help you generate more positive reviews and feedback for your local business

Here’s how it works: You completes a sale or deliver a service to your customer and Howling Reviews will automatically request feedback at the right time.

The customer receives a text (SMS), email, or instant message asking them to rate and provide feedback on their most recent experience with your local business. Howling Reviews can be triggered automatically by your favorite CRM or you can send the request manually.

If the customer indicates they had a positive experience, we ask them to leave a rating on one of your chosen review sites. Set which sites are prioritized manually or let Howling Reviews make the smartest decision for you.

After a great experience, most people would love to leave a positive rating, but fail to because of the effort required. We take the customer directly to the review box for the business, removing the need to look you up, sign in and find the button to leave a review.

Our easy and efficient process = Up to 6x as many reviews.

We understand not every customer interaction will be perfect. If a customer indicates they had a negative experience, Howling Reviews provides them with the ability to let you know what the issue was. Most consumers who have a negative experience just need an outlet to express their concerns directly to the business.

This feedback is instantly and automatically emailed or sent to you via text message internally, giving you the opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a fan.

More positive reviews = More customers = Even More customers = Even More reviews!
Howling Reviews users tend to see a “snowball” effect after the first couple of months. PLUS more positive reviews also means
higher rankings in Google Organic & Google Maps for searches in specific local towns and cities.

The right survey tools for every client

Every local business is as unique as its customers. With Howling Reviews, you can create custom Feedback Pages that target a specific type of client and increase the number of conversions.
Switch between different methods of surveying to find the optimum choice for any group of consumers. Don’t know which one to use? No problem. Our Howling Reviews experts will help you set up the right type of campaign for your local business.


Predict customer loyalty with Net Promoter Score (NPS).


Establish customer satisfaction with customizable CSAT responses.

Star Ratings

Create a familiar experience to online review sites with 1 to 5-star ratings.

or take a look at Reputation Management

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