Many people mention online reviews when talking about marketing for businesses, whatever the scale. The feedback that folks leave across various internet-based platforms, including Yelp, Google, and Shopper Approved, plays a crucial role in their peers’ purchasing decisions.

Here are 7 points showing the importance of customer reviews:

1. An extension of the word-of-mouth phenomenon

Word of mouth has been a force behind commerce for a long time. Most of the choices that individuals make are supported by the knowledge that comes from friends, family, and peers. Customer reviews impact other people’s decision-making, especially when trying something new.

2. They assist build trust 

Business is all about trust – and online reviews are among the tools that companies can use to create their brands’ trust scores. Consumers will buy a specific product more freely if they know that people have already made the acquisition. And with the convenience with which it’s become to go away and skim reviews, people will naturally gravitate towards products and services that are extensively reviewed, as against people who haven’t. This trust symbolism takes a visible aspect when it involves the star rating extensions that we mention below.

3. People believe them with their buying decisions. 

One explanation of why businesses should never ignore online reviews is that people worldwide depend on them. Therefore, every company should strive to possess a presence on sites like Yelp, Google, and Shopper Approved to capitalize on this phenomenon. 

4. They assist with local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the art and science of recuperating rankings for sites, now relies heavily on online reviews. Indeed, reviews are a crucial ranking metric as far as Google and other Search Engines are concerned. That is particularly the case when it involves Local SEO. Google has, over the past few years, been moving more and more towards giving prominence to local pages for local searches. 

5. A source of Star Rating Extensions 

The critical thing to notice is that Google and other Search Engines get the info that they use in Star Rating extensions from the various review sites that are out there. Among the simplest is, Shopper Approved, licensed by Google to syndicate both Seller and merchandise ratings to Google PLA and Google Shopping. 

6. Negative reviews are demoralizing

Our analysis of customer reviews’ importance to businesses worldwide would be incomplete without stating that the feedback that’s left across the web is often demoralizing.

Indeed, 87% of individuals say they might not bother doing business with a corporation that features a 3-star rating. This suggests that each company should strive for positive ratings, which isn’t always possible.

Businesses that interact with people will inevitably receive feedback. The great news is that there are various things that you can do to counter any feedback, including reaching bent the affected customers and finding solutions to their concerns.

7. They translate into real money for businesses.

Online reviews aren’t just there to satisfy the egos of business and their customers. As we’ve already noted, they affect purchasing decisions, which translates into money for all businesses. Just consider the following facts, and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

Get Reviews

If you’ve got none, it’s about time that you get online reviews for your business. Online reviews represent a quantifiable financial factor for your company, and you ought not to be left off the bandwagon.

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